Ayé Aton

Atonment in Balance

April 25 -June 8, 2024

Past Exhibitions

Hasani Sahlehe

We Don’t Even Know What Song We’re Gonna Sing Today

February 29 -April 13, 2024

John Brooks

Islands Are Not Forever

February 29 -April 13, 2024

The sea swept the sandcastles away.

January 11 -February 24, 2024

A view of paintings in Phyllis Yao's exhibition, titled "Where is this hope on Earth?" at MARCH.

Phyllis Yao

Where is this hope on Earth?

November 3 -December 16, 2023

A view of large paintings in Drew Kohler's exhibition, titled "The Invert, 2012-2023" at MARCH.

Drew Kohler

The Invert, 2012-2023

November 3 -December 16, 2023

An installation view of Joe Minter's exhibition, titled Under the Stars, Under the Sun, photographed by Cary Whittier.

Joe Minter

Under the Stars, Under the Sun

August 24 -October 21, 2023

An installation image of Dorothy Foster's exhibition, The Stilly Night. The works are small portraits featuring ballpoint pen illustrations on found magazine paper.

Dorothy F. Foster

The Stilly Night

June 8 -July 28, 2023

An installation image of Bruce Burris' exhibition, Lindsay is a Commie.

Bruce Burris

Lindsay is a Commie

June 8 -July 28, 2023

Ronald Lockett

Once Something Has Lived It Can Never Really Die: The Studio Education of the Junk House

April 13 -May 28, 2023

Mose Tolliver


February 8 -March 25, 2023

John Hee Taek Chae

Shed Your Eyes

February 8 -March 25, 2023

Claudia Keep


December 15 -February 4, 2023

Aaron Michael Skolnick

Under the Eyes of a Dry Mountain

October 13 -December 3, 2022

Dianna Settles

A Life Worth Living Would Be A Life Worth Living

August 25 -October 8, 2022

Y. Malik Jalal


June 18 -July 29, 2022

Anne Doran

Black Mondays

June 18 -July 29, 2022

Ellen Siebers

A Divinity That Shapes Our Ends

April 13 -May 28, 2022

John Brooks

I See This Echoing

April 13 -May 28, 2022

Circa 1989

February 9 -April 2, 2022

Joe Minter

We Lost Our Spears

February 9 -April 2, 2022

Lina Tharsing

Chez Elle

September 1 -October 12, 2021

A composite of drawings by Olive Hayes, dated 2021.

Olive Hayes

The Many Faces of Olive Hayes

July 9 -August 29, 2021

MARCH x Parker Gallery

Thornton Dial, The Earliest Years: 1987 – 1989

June 6 -July 31, 2021

Inaugural Exhibition

Pre-Renovation Potluck

May 22 -June 30, 2021

Claudia Keep

Night Moves

April 22 -June 5, 2021

An installation view of the exhibition, The Language of Flowers, at MARCH x Reyes | Finn, Detroit, Michigan, in 2021.

MARCH x Reyes | Finn

The Language of Flowers

February 19 -April 16, 2021

A detail of a painting by Bruce Burris titled Perverse Climate Morality, dated 2020.

Bruce Burris

Friends of Foes

January 19 -February 28, 2021

An installation view of the exhibition, Mike Goodlett: Chez Lui, at MARCH, Lexington, Kentucky, in 2021.

Mike Goodlett

Chez Lui

December 5 -January 31, 2021

A detail of a painting by Aaron Michael Skolnick titled Relinquish, dated 2020.

Aaron Michael Skolnick

Between Two Suns

October 19 -December 1, 2020


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